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CHARACTER DESIGN for Periodic table of elements _Cards

Periodic Cards of Table

This is a concept of my personal project. It represents the elements of the periodic table of content. A lot of people memorize visually and this is a great way to improve your knowledge by remembering the properties of the elements. Every element has specific properties and I illustrated them as part of the human features so it is easier to remember for those willing to learn. Their main properties are emphasized in form of hair, clothes, body parts, etc. I've added text to inform about the element for those interested in chemistry.

It was not an easy task to have a precise analytical and creative approach at the same time, but it captures my love for both chemistry and art as it is poured into every illustration.

I made these examples of cards so that I could show what they could potentially look like. My original illustrations are without the text so the design could be different and also in other languages.

As a chemistry teacher and an artist, I would love to continue to work on these.